Ciao! I'm Melaina, founder of BIS.

As a daughter to two born-and-raised Italians, we spent summers with our family in Italy and the rest of the year among a large extended family in New York City. But no matter on which side of the Atlantic we gathered, we usually gathered around a table. In fact, I'm fairly certain that in my lifetime I've spent more hours in kitchens and dining rooms than in all other rooms in any of my homes combined! 

I was a graduate student the first time I found myself more than a short drive away from my family and with little time to cook for myself. My parents wasted no time in coming to my rescue by shipping me homemade frozen sauces and soups, on dry ice, via overnight mail. They didn't just send me food, they sent me a sensory overload of flavor and freshness, love and family, nostalgia and comfort.

I founded BIS because I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy eating like Italians do. From my family recipes created according to my Italian family traditions, to the premium Italian and fresh local ingredients we use, every small batch is given the same care and attention as those we make at home. 

Taking a page from my parents’ book, we deliver BIS products unadulterated and unprocessed, frozen in portions for the ultimate freshness with every serving. Because whether you have time to cook or not, we all deserve a meal that was made with us in mind.


Buon appetito!




Melaina Balbo, Founder




Photo J. Mueller, The Scout Guide Lexington